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jQuery – LazyLoad Plugin


I came across this nifty plugin that will save on page load time when you have a lot of images to load.

Does your website need an instant speed boost?

LazyLoad is very easy to work with and install. Was a great addition to this site under the portfolio section, blog section and other parts where there were an abundance of images that were being loaded below the fold of the screen.

What it basically does is it waits to load the images that are below the fold until the user starts to scroll down the page. It can be configured easily so that there is no visible way for the user to know that they have not been loaded initially (unless they scroll like a maniac down the page, which is not typical). Or you can do a nice little fadeIn effect to the images when they load with the fine help of jQuery. It adds a little flare to the page and works well in most situations.

It’s great for this site since there are many images that are 35K+ below the fold.

Here is a quick overview of my experience and how to easily add it to your blog, portfolio site or and other instance where you want to save some page load time.


– Portfolio Section Demo

– LazyLoad with FadeIn – Demo

How to use on your site:

– Installation

LazyLoad jQuery Plug-in Site

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