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Photoshop Crop Shortcut


Have you ever wanted to have a shortcut for cropping a selected area?

I was starting to find that not having a direct shortcut for crop was kind of annoying. I had mastered most of the other popular shortcuts and this one action seems to clog up my work flow. So after investigating into the situation some more I found that Adobe didn’t create one out of the box. How strange? This has to be one of the top 10 used actions that I use in photoshop on a daily basis.

You must be saying to me now, “HELLO there is a crop tool right in the main tool box on the left”! This is most definitely correct but to get an accurate crop i have to spend several times trying to get that crop selection correct. Yes, I can modify it once I have set the initial time but that just adds to the process. This may be suitable for some and if you are one of those you might want to stop reading here. But I highly recommend you keep reading!

How To Setup and Define

So I kept digging into how I could achieve what I wanted. Something that would operate better with precise control. Something that the crop tool was lacking for me. The solution lies in a shortcut settings menu (Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus). In this menu there are folders of different short cuts (labels matched to key combos). Open the folder marked “Image” and scroll way down. You will then find a label option for “Crop” but low and behold there are no key combos mapped to it. I wonder why?

Well lets put that behind us and create one for ourselves! I went through almost every other key combo that was already defined out of the box in CS3 and found one that could be relevant to our use case. The magic combo is “Opt+Shift+⌘+C”, this is very similar to the “Save for Web” shortcut “Opt+Shift+⌘+S” so it was fairly easy to adapt to. Double click the blank space where the shortcut would live and a blank input field will show up. Enter the combination in the box but hitting the actual keys like you would be running the shortcut (all at the same time). Then let go and hit the “Accept” button to the right. Then press the “OK” to close the Keyboard Shortcuts popup.

How to use

Now you are ready to rock and roll with your new handy dandy CROP SHORTCUT. Aka, your new best friend in photoshop. You may never need to go back to use the Crop tool again, I never have!

How do I start using this new shortcut in my daily photoshop work?

Like most operations that I do in photoshop, a lot of the actions revolve around my use of the selection tool. I use it to select, delete and just about everything i need to manipulate stuff in Photoshop. Select a section of your layout with the selection tool, and then use the short cut… Tada you have now cropped the region that you wanted without the crop tool.

Now use it when ever you can! Enjoy.